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Understand Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) – 5 Questions

Video Transcript:What’s going on, everybody? It’s Ryan here. Okay, so today I want to talk to you a little bit about required minimum distributions, or RMDs for short. Now, there’s no doubt this could be a little bit of a confusing topic and if you haven’t had to take out an RMD before you probably […]

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Risks in Retirement – What is Sequence of Returns Risk

Video Transcript:How’s it going, everybody? It’s Ryan here. Okay, so we’re going to talk about sequence of returns risk. Now, this is arguably one of the biggest risks that people face as they start to transition into retirement that most people aren’t even aware of. It’s not one of the more common types of risks. […]

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How to Pass Money To Heirs Tax-Free. An Often Overlooked Way To Do It.

Video Transcript:How’s it going everybody? It’s Ryan here.All right. I want to share with you a particular financial concept or solution, perhaps I should say. This is based upon a client that I’m working with this week. Now, I’m not going to go through all the different areas of planning that we’re doing, I just […]

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? For Income Protection

Video Transcript:How’s it going on, everybody? It’s Ryan here. Okay, so I want to talk to you a little bit about life insurance and address a question that I will commonly get asked, which is “How much life insurance do I actually need?” Now, there’s several different reasons why people buy life insurance. Many people […]

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Example of How RMD’s Work. Paying Taxes on Unneeded RMD’s?

Video Transcript:How’s it going everybody? It’s Ryan here. Okay. So how do RMDs work and how much might you have to take out of your IRA over the course of your lifetime? That’s what we’ll look at here in this video. In a second, I’m going to share my screen here with you. But real […]

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Are Social Security Benefits Taxable? This is How it Works.

Video Transcript: What’s going on, everybody? It’s Ryan here. Okay. So are your Social Security benefits taxable to you? Well, the short answer is, is that it depends. The slightly longer answer is, is that it depends upon where your other income comes from. So in a few short moments, I’m going to share my screen […]

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Am I Able To Do A Roth Conversion? This is Often Misunderstood.

Video Transcript: How’s it going everybody. It’s Ryan here. Okay, so I want to share with you all a question that I received earlier today. Here was the question. “Ryan, I know we’re looking at converting maybe 40 or 50,000, or maybe even more of my traditional IRA over to a Roth IRA, but can I […]

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Should You Do a Roth Conversion in 2020?

Video Transcript:Hey everybody. It’s Ryan here. All right. So today I want to talk to you about Roth conversions and specifically whether it makes sense for you to possibly consider doing a Roth conversion this year, in the year 2020.All right. So first let me just state this in general about Roth IRAs. And I […]

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