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Financial Planning for Individuals Within 5 Years of Retirement.

We design customized retirement income plans to help you get comfortable spending your hard earned money once you retire.

Invest Better. Maximize Income. Reduce Taxes.

Preparing to retire can be exciting as well as nerve racking at the same time. We provide guidance to help make your retirement transition successful so you can focus on all the experiences you've worked so hard for many years to enjoy.

Perhaps you never want to completely retire, but we are willing to bet you would at least like to make work optional.

We believe a sound retirement plan includes more than just a solid investment portfolio. It must integrate all aspects of your financial life.

Retirement Planning Services

  • Social Security Planning
  • Retirement Income & Investment 
  • Tax Planning
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Legacy & Estate Planning

Hi There!

I'm Ryan Cravitz.

I was born and raised in Southern California and spent the early part of my career working for some large financial institutions. The focus always seemed to be on how the clients could make the company more money, rather than the other way around. That never sat well with me, and in part led to me opening my own independent firm back in 2011. Since then, I have never looked back.

For more than two decades now I've been helping people grow and protect their wealth. Over that period of time I have developed a passion for helping people achieve the retirement of their dreams. Too often I have seen people continuing to work in a job they don't like, because they don't think they can afford to retire.

Unfortunately, I think there is a lot of fear mongering in the media that makes people believe they need to save a lot more than they actually need to retire successfully. Life is too short to stay working in a job you don't like if you don't need to. There's nothing more satisfying to me then telling someone that is burnt out and in a job they don't like that they can retire sooner than they thought.

When I'm not designing retirement plans you can find me playing beach volleyball, and spending time with my wife Racheal and our 6 year old son Cody.

Confidence, Security, Peace of Mind
That’s Cravitz Financial


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Orange, CA. 92868

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