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Can You Make a Deductible IRA Contribution For 2022?

Can You Make a Deductible IRA Contribution For 2022?  It depends on several things including whether you or your spouse have earned income, whether you’ve contributed to a Roth IRA, and whether you or your spouse have access to a company sponsored retirement plan. If you do have access to a company sponsored retirement plan like […]

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How Much Can You Contribute To a Traditional IRA For 2022?

How much can you contribute to a Traditional IRA for 2022?  It depends on your age, whether you have already contributed to a Roth IRA, and whether you or your spouse have earned income or not.  It’s also important to note that just because you can contribute to a Traditional IRA that does no necessarily mean […]

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Will Social Security Be There For Me When I Retire?

Many have concerns as to whether Social Security will be there for them when they retire. Social Security certainly has it it’s financial challenges. According to the 2022 Trustees Report they are projecting that they will be able to pay promised retirement and survivor benefits until 2034. They estimate at that point the trust fund will be depleted and they would only be able to pay 77 cents on the dollar.

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Social Security Changes For 2023

In this video we will talk about some of the important changes to know for Social Security in 2023. The cost of living adjustment (COLA) is 8.7%. The maximum taxable earnings for payroll taxes is going up, and so are the retirement earnings test exempt amounts. 

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Can You Afford To Retire? Perhaps Yes Even If You Are Thinking No.

Many people can actually afford to retire that don’t think they can. Others think they need to work much longer than they actually to or need to save up a lot more money than they actually need.Life is short. Do you work at a job that you really don’t like or are burnt out and […]

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How Do Penalties And Free Withdrawals Work On Annuities?

When you withdraw money from a deferred annuity you will pay a surrender charge on the amount that you withdraw that is more than the free withdrawal amount. Many deferred annuities such as fixed annuities and fixed annuities allow you to withdraw 10% per year without penalty. Some allow you to withdraw the money if […]

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Should I Buy An Annuity {Case Study}

Should you buy an annuity to help provide the income you need in retirement? In this video I will share an actual case study and we will look at the pros and cons of either buying or not buying an annuity.

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Investing For Retirement -Potential Impact Of Volatility

It’s important to be aware of how how volatility could affect your investments and your retirement. When evaluating investments many people just consider the average rate of return. However, the volatility of investments is also very important.In this video I show hypothetical examples of how volatility could affect you in your working years when you […]

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What Will My After Tax Income Be In Retirement?

Understanding what your after income will be in retirement is so important. How much after tax spendable income will be available to you. The way your income is taxed differs depending on if it is coming from wages, Social Security, IRA withdrawals, etc… In this video we look at simple example based on a couple […]

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Should I Convert My IRA to a Roth IRA? Is a $550,000 IRA enough?

Often times I’ve found that people think they don’t have enough for it to make sense to consider converting their Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Some people think that unless they have a really large IRA that it probably doesn’t make sense. However, each situation is unique. In this video I share with you […]

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