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Can You Afford To Retire? Perhaps Yes Even If You Are Thinking No.

Video Transcript:How’s it going, everybody? It’s Ryan here. Okay, so I want to talk about something that I think is really important, and that is is that I talk to a lot of people that either they don’t think that they could actually retire, but they actually probably could afford to retire now, or I’ll […]

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How Do Penalties And Free Withdrawals Work On Annuities?

Video Transcript: How’s it going everybody? It’s Ryan here. Okay, so I thought I would record this real quick video, just to explain how the surrender charges and withdrawal provisions work when it comes to deferred annuities, such as a fixed annuity or a fixed index annuity, as an example. Now, when it comes to surrender […]

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Should I Buy An Annuity {Case Study}

Video Transcript:How’s it going everybody, it’s Ryan here. Okay, so today we’re going to take a look at whether it makes sense to perhaps buy an annuity as a part of your retirement income plan. So I’m going to walk you through a sample case study, and we’ll take a look at whether it makes […]

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Investing For Retirement -Potential Impact Of Volatility

Video Transcript: How’s it going, everybody? It’s Ryan here. Okay, so chances are over the years you’ve heard that it makes sense that as you get older, you should get more conservative with your overall investment portfolio. As you approach retirement and certainly once you get into retirement and especially if you’re now starting to withdraw […]

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What Will My After Tax Income Be In Retirement?

Video Transcript:How’s it going, everybody? It’s Ryan here. Okay, so here’s the question. How much after tax income are you going to have in retirement? Now, I want to say that if that’s the question that you’re asking yourself, you’re asking yourself the absolute right question. Because it’s not about gross income or pre-tax income, […]

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Should I Convert My IRA to a Roth IRA? Is a $550,000 IRA enough?

Video Transcript:Hey, how’s it going everybody? It’s Ryan here.I was just talking to a guy the other day. He’s 62 years old, his wife is 59. She’s already retired, he plans to retire in another five years when he’s 67. And he said, “I’ve got $550,000 in an IRA. And between my IRA and my […]

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Reason to Buy Life Insurance {To “Replace” a Social Security Check}

Video Transcript: Hey, what’s going on everybody? It’s Ryan here. So we’re going to talk a little bit about life insurance and how life insurance can come in handy in order to replace a social security check. It’s interesting because a lot of times, when I talk to people, most people think about life insurance as […]

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Is a Roth 401k Better Than a 401k? [Case Study]

Video Transcript: Hey, what’s going on, everybody? It’s Ryan here. Okay, so let me ask you a question. What if I told you that one strategy, one pretty darn good strategy in order to put yourself in a good position financially, in order to put yourself in more solid and secure ground, in order to help […]

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